Powerin' The Patch


Powerin' The Patch is an oil patch publication with a readership in excess of 30,000 six times a year. From the rig rat to the fat cat, from the housewife to the farm hand, if you are interested in what happens in the patch, you'll find it in Powerin' The Patch. Each month we cover the oil patch from end to end with hard-hitting feature stories and timely articles coupled with our regular columnists who touch on everything from the Heavy Oil Industry to Drilling Summaries to Consumer Electronics and good ol' time humour—and don't forget our infamous Patch Girl!

Feature Articles

Every two months, we look at all aspects of the oil patch, from hard-hitting editorial features, to closer looks at people and companies who make the patch the place that it is today. If it's in the oil patch, it's in Powerin' The Patch.

Important & Timely News

We keep you up to date on all the latest from the patch, including drilling summaries and oil briefs - short snippets of news that give you critical and timely information that will keep you on top of the information heap.

Patch Girl

The oil patch isn't just hard-working men up to their armpits in mud, blood, and dust. It's also women (often in the same situation). Here at Powerin' The Patch, we clean them up and present them to you each issue to keep your titillation level up just a notch. Enjoy.