Balancing back-to-school work and a job

Does working while in school affect grades? My daughter wants to continue working part time at her summer job while she’s completing school. Should I be concerned?
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Renovations that provide a lift

There are many reasons to refresh a home, but all should enhance your quality of life. more »

Juno and the wily coyote

Who remembers watching a cartoon following the misadventures of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner? more »

The best month for (real) grass

“In September, you can lay sod upside-down and it will still grow.” My late father, great Canadian gardener that he was, used to say this quite frequently. more »

Cut to the chase…

Creating quite a stir in Lloydminster, raids were conducted by both town and provincial police in September 1917 due to suspected offences against the Liquor Act. more »

When less is more

If you find anyone willing to talk about how they save money, it might be interesting to ask whether they shop around, use coupons, buy used, refurbish or repurpose their old possessions, or if they buy… more »

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