Face the future with confidence

Ever since Lloydminster began in 1903 we have been an example of stability and steady progress on the western prairie. more »

Can you afford to shop locally?

In an ideal world, our produce would be shipped no further than the nearest greenhouses or gardens and we would all eat locally-sourced grains and meat (if you eat meat, that is). more »

Interesting people

I have been a Realtor for 15 years, meeting literally thousands of people along the way during my career. To be invited into someone’s life, even for a short while, is an honour and can leave you… more »

Age is only a number

Sometimes, milestone birthdays can get a person down. I have one approaching in the distance and who needs it? I choose to be 38 and am sticking to it. more »

If you do only one thing

All too often, people comment they can’t get ahead.
They lament the rising cost of living, the ever-increasing price of food, and the general sense that nothing comes easy or free. more »

This thing we call black oil

Over the past few years the topic of heavy oil has been on our minds. We’ve collectively held our breath when the price of oil rose only to fall again and watched in disbelief as many lost their… more »

Horses and good medicine

There’s a unique sense of being one with nature when seated astride a horse. You can almost melt into the landscape and join, unnoticed, the daily rhythm of the Prairies. more »

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