LCSD hosts archbishop

By Jessica Dempsey

June 28, 2018 11:01 AM

Archbishop Richard Smith helped to close out the 2017-18 school year at LCSD with a visit to multiple schools, one of which being St. Josephs Elementary School where he was about to talk about kindness. JESSICA DEMPSEY LLS PHOTO

The Lloydminster Catholic School Division (LCSD) had a special guest this week, as Archbishop Richard Smith toured multiple schools.
Smith was able to visit various schools including Holy Rosary High School, Father Gorman Community School, Mother Teresa Early Childhood Education Centre, and more.
While at St. Joseph’s Elementary School, Smith had time with a Grade 5 class who were able to share their knowledge of kindness.
“I’m very heartened and very encouraged by what I’m seeing today,” he said about his visit.
“There are so many indications of the way the school is embracing the children and embracing the mission, to help our children grow in the faith, that I think I or any archbishop couldn’t help but be very grateful and encouraged.”
Seeing the way the students and teachers interacted and all the support the educators have offered he said was great to see.
“I want them to know that I know they are doing a good job, and I want them to know they have my support, that I feel deeply and immensely supported myself in knowing we have these wonderful partners in Catholic education,” said Smith.
Nigel McCarthy, director of education, LCSD, said the visit of the archbishop was important.
“It says a lot about how much he cares about schools. That it’s not just about the administration of hospitals and it’s not just the parish that an archbishop focuses on, but it’s the more than 200 schools over which he has supervision in the Province of Alberta,” he said.
From the visit, McCarthy said he hoped the children learned these figures of archbishops, deacons, and priests were accessible.
“That they are real people are they want to talk to you. The archbishop addressed our staff this morning and the most important thing he said was he ‘appreciates teachers in the modern world,’” he said.
This year the LCSD has celebrated a lot and had many visitors, and having the archbishop help to close out the school year was the icing on the cake.
“It’s just been a wonderful year for us,” said McCarthy. “For the year to end with the archbishop really getting to be hands-on with our students gives us a really nice feeling going into the summer.”

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