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By Jessica Dempsey

June 20, 2018 2:46 PM

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LTA brings plan for LED upgrade at tennis courts

All the tennis courts at Bud Miller All Seasons Park are looking to get lit up with a lighting upgrade thanks to the Lloydminster Tennis Association (LTA).
The LTA has numerous companies and residents interested in sponsorship to secure the $86,500 they need.
“I think it’s a great initiative on behalf of the Lloyd Tennis Association, and I encourage anyone else who has thoughts like that, it’s a great way to go and it makes it much easier for council and the community to buy in,” said Mayor Gerald Aalbers.
Because the LTA is fundraising to get the money needed for the lights, there is no financial or budgetary implication on the city.
The LTA is looking to purchase LED lights for the six tennis courts at Bud Miller, with the existing lights to be retrofitted with LED units as well as the addition of the lighting to the two new courts.
“We are really looking forward to this proposal because not only did they bring us an issue, they brought us a solution for how they are going to deal with it through sponsorship policy, but they also brought the total costs and everything they are looking for. It’s really a win, win,” said Coun. Jonathan Torresan.
He added this is a great partnership to accomplish.
To be involved, the city will be administrating the advertising contracts.
“That’s going to be a really small role in the grand scheme of things because we are not going out to find advertisers, the tennis association has brought them to us, so at the end of the day we only need to help them sign the contracts,” said Torresan.
The only real cost to the city if this project goes ahead will be in time for administration, but Torresan said it doesn’t sound like it will be a significant amount of resources.
The LTA is looking to use SWP Electric Ltd. for the project, as they are prepared to also work with the city’s project team to ensure they follow the city’s safety program.
The subject will come back to council at a later date with more information, and council members will be able to make a decision then. 

Terms of reference looked at for DARP

City council was presented with possible terms of reference for the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP) Advisory Committee.
“The Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan is something that has been in the works for a few years, and definitely something that is going to be an asset to our downtown businesses and our whole community,” said Coun. Stephanie Brown Munro.
In the terms of reference, membership is stated as one representative from council, maximum of five members of the downtown business owners and property owners, maximum five members representing arts, culture, faith and aboriginal groups, and maximum three members representing senior and youth groups.
“In regards to the membership, I think it’s very important to include all of our community because we do want to see what the members and residents at large, that don’t have an invested interest in the downtown, what’s going to bring them to the downtown?” said Brown Munro.
She added it’s important for input from every type of person for DARP.
The DARP committee is going to be a non-voting committee.
“These are strictly going to be networking ideas. Everybody is throwing their opinions and ideas out on the table,” said Brown Munro.
Earlier in the year, council awarded a request for proposal for the DARP in the amount of $149,955.75 to develop the plan.

Upgrading city street sweepers

The street sweepers have been out in full force the last couple of months cleaning up the city, and city council is looking to upgrade them.
The City of Lloydminster is looking to purchase three new street sweepers. The existing machines were purchased by the city in 2011 and are due to be replaced.
“The amount of grit – sand, gravel, and debris – that they pick up, we are changing brushes on a regular basis, almost daily … it’s a lot of moving pieces to the machinery,” said Mayor Gerald Aalbers.
Industry standards suggest considering upgrading equipment between 4,000-5,000 operational hours.
The city sweepers are between 4,000-4,200 with an expected 400-500 hours more before the new equipment arrives.
There are currently three street sweepers at the city.
It is being proposed by administration to trade in the old machines.
The benefit of buying all three street sweepers at once is the volume discount they get, and they will also all be the same model and easier to care for.
“There’s always challenge,” said Aalbers. “Do we buy three or do we buy one and spread it out? This has been debated over a number of years by councils, and administrations have looked at it. I believe the proposal they brought forward is the most cost-effective.”
It was budgeted for in the 2018 capital budget with $930,000 allocated towards the three sweepers.
Street sweeping this year kicked off in May, however, Aalbers noted weather plays a big part in when the city can get the sweepers out. Some areas are currently being swept.

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