Variety of opinions showed in cannabis survey

By Jessica Dempsey

May 30, 2018 12:07 PM

Results from an online public survey in April 2018, show many residents are divided when it comes to cannabis.

The survey that was launched by the City of Lloydminster sought resident input in five key areas: hours of operation for cannabis retail; zoning for cannabis retail; locations for cannabis retail; and locations for consumption of cannabis.

“I really appreciate the residents taking time to complete a survey because not everyone could come out to Your Voice Night. People had some opinions and I appreciate those opinions,” said Mayor Gerald Aalbers.

There was a total of 416 completed responses to the survey, which equals to 1.3 per cent of the city’s population.

Answers ranged throughout the survey. A question about a minimum setback of 100 meters from mandated locations for consuming 59 per cent of people saying it was adequate, while 40.95 per cent said it should be increased.

“I had people during the voice night say “I don’t want to see cannabis in the city,” to someone else right behind saying ‘why isn’t the city growing marijuana or cannabis and taking the profits and putting it back into the city streets?” So, it’s a wide variety of opinions in our community,” said Aalbers. 

Coun. Ken Baker said he really didn’t see anything too surprising from the results.

“Some of the major ones, they speak for themselves,” he said. “Right now, I think, there is a big push against cannabis, in my mind and from those surveys and what I read.”

Some of the comments in the survey included “Are we seriously saying it is acceptable to allow cannabis to be sold period?” and “They should not be allowed under any circumstances.” 

Out of the 416 people who completed the survey there were 158 participants who shared general comments. Many of the comments varied in opinions.

The survey was available from April 17 to May 4.

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