Lloydminster youth pitch in

By Taylor Weaver

May 2, 2018 5:00 PM

Teague Corpe and Gladys Kuto, members of the Save the Earth Club at Mother Teresa Early Childhood Education Centre, did their part on Tuesday morning to help kick off Pitch-In Week. See Page 9 for more. TAYLOR WEAVER LLS PHOTO

It’s Pitch-In Week in the City of Lloydminster and students from Mother Teresa Early Childhood Education Centre helped kick off the environmental festivities on Tuesday morning.
Border City residents are encouraged to participate in any way they can, which can be as simple as picking up litter, sweeping sidewalks, or taking part in one of the many scheduled events, all in the spirit of keeping the earth clean and sprucing up the city for spring.
Mayor Gerald Aalbers rolled up his sleeves and joined students in the effort to clean up the playground at Mother Teresa School, and explained how events such as Pitch-In Week are so much more than just a clean-up effort.
“This morning is a great example of engaging our youth starting as early as we can and letting them know that littering is not a great way to be,” said Aalbers.
“They want to clean up the earth and the kids had a message they sent very clearly that they want to save the earth, and it’s about keeping the environment that’s around us clean and we’re going to kick it off as part of pitch-in week, and it’s a great opportunity to get together with the kids and discuss it, and they’re going to help clean up, and that’s great.”
Aalbers adding the fact that it’s their environment and their playground, so putting in the effort and having a fresh slate for spring time was rewarding for the kids.
Canada’s national Pitch-In Week was April 22-29 and on a closer-to-home scale, Alberta Transportation’s annual highway cleanup is being held on May 5 where volunteers will be out on highways to pick up garbage to raise money for community organizations.
Aalbers explained the City of Lloydminster is hoping to see strong participation in this year’s events to help spread awareness of the environmental and costs associated with littering.
“I think it’s important that we engage as many people as we can. I think it starts with the education portion of pitch-in, it’s been there for a long time, and I think it’s great that schools are involved and getting people to involve themselves,” he said.
“There’s various projects we have going on every night and you’ll see people out and about in the community, and various groups have stepped forward to assist and it all comes together Saturday with the hazardous waste round up at the Exhibition Grounds working with The Olive Tree where people will be able to bring just about anything they have that they want to dispose of (including a surplus of clothing or house-hold items).”
The City of Lloydminster will be set up with volunteer groups to help take any hazardous waste residents may have sitting in their garage such as used oil, gasoline, propane bottles, old paint cans, light bulbs, basically anything that needs to be disposed of, and disposed of properly.
“I can talk about the environmental benefit and I can talk about the cost benefit, because when we don’t have to go back to a landfill with items that weren’t properly disposed of 25 years ago, I’m sure people 25 years from now will say ‘hey, I’m glad they did it right,’” explained Aalbers.
Mother Teresa school student and member of the Save the Earth Club, Gladys Kuto, explained she wanted to get involved with the club because it sounded like fun, plus she wanted to do her part and save the earth.
“(I want to save the earth) for the people who are sick, they don’t have to be sick anymore because of save the earth,” Kuto said, adding how picking up litter, even if you’re not told to, is important to help keep kids who are playing outside clean and safe.
“It makes me feel happy and grateful that I’m cleaning the world for other people.”

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