Property crime and drug trafficking top priority for RCMP

By Jessica Dempsey

April 25, 2018 1:49 PM

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The RCMP shared their annual performance plan system and survey results at the Governance and Priorities Committee meeting on Monday.
There were six areas that will form the annual performance plan for the Lloydminster RCMP detachment for the 2018/19 year: – property crime, drug trafficking, police visibility, crime reduction (K Division) and employee wellness (K Division).
“At the end of the day it’s all about crime reduction,” said Mayor Gerald Aalbers.
“Drinking and driving is a crime, so is consuming cannabis currently … anytime we talk about crime reduction we believe we are going in the right direction.”
Aalbers noted the increase in viability of having RCMP out and about in the public has probably also had a factor in reduced crime.
“They have tried to be out and very visible working with our peace officers. When you drive down any road and you see red and blue lights, I can tell you I slow down, and I’m sure it makes people slow down, so there is part of our traffic improvement,” he said.
Results and assessments from 2017/18 showed a five per cent increase in theft from vehicles, 10 per cent reduction in drug trafficking files.
“I believe the economy plays a big role in it,” Aalbers said about the increase in vehicle theft.
“I think that’s a direct reflection of the economy as well as people’s needs. If they are looking for money, vehicle theft and breaking into vehicles is one of the easier items they seem to target.”
In the spring the city worked with the RCMP to create a public survey, and there were 302 responses received.
One of the questions was about how safe people feel on a regular basis in their neighbourhood.
A majority of respondents choose very safe to somewhat safe, but there was still 18 per cent that said unsafe or somewhat unsafe.
“I want to reassure citizens that our RCMP are doing a great job. On an average day I believe that 18 per cent would be a little lower, but anytime you have been a victim of crime you feel violated … we have been very fortunate, we don’t have the crime you see and hear reported in the major cities in Canada. We have a relatively safe community,” said Aalbers.
The annual report also showed there was an 18.7 per cent increase in 2017 for file counts compared to 2016.
Coun. Michael Diachuk said there wasn’t anything really surprising in the report, but he would have liked to see lowered numbers around drugs and substance abuse.
“I think it is a bit lower, but overall I think more than anything it’s the fact the community has a high level of confidence, and for us from our standpoint it means they are doing their job,” he said.
With all of these initiatives, Aalbers said they were great, but crime still hasn’t been fully stopped.
“But, we will continue to work with the RCMP as they lead the charge to ensure our community is safe,” he said.

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