Information on updating Traffic Bylaw presented to GPC

By Jessica Dempsey

March 21, 2018 3:31 PM

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A draft Traffic Bylaw came across for information to city council at the Governance and Priorities Committee meeting.
The draft, which was presented as information only on Monday, allowed for city council to give their comments and feedback.
Currently, Bylaw No. 29-2012, the Traffic Bylaw, is in need of being updated. It was originally the consolidation of two bylaws from 1976 and 1978, which has undergone multiple amendments.
The draft, which was presented to council, includes an update to fines, amounts and types, as well as a full rewrite and update to requirements of bicycles, a dangerous goods route, as well as playground and playground zones.
In the draft it was noted some fees had increased, including parking in a handicap zone from $100 to $300. Fines that have decreased include parking within three metres of a fire hydrant, which is at $75 now but in the draft is $50.
“We had a case where some of the fines went down a bit, and we asked that question if you are parking in front of a fire hydrant that’s not a good place to park, and we want to deter that completely. Best way is by having a high enough fine,” said Mayor Gerald Aalbers.
A topic for discussion was the use of engine retarder brakes within city limits. The fines increased from $0 to $300 for a first offence.
“They wanted to ensure that they were not too prohibited, but at the same time we need to make sure people realize they can’t use their Jake brakes driving through the city. There are residential areas adjacent to hotels along the highway, so we need to send a message that way on the fines,” said Aalbers.
Within the Traffic Bylaw was a discussion of the dangerous goods route.
“People would like to see us get dangerous goods off of Highway 16, we’re afraid we can’t do that, it’s just not physically possible, and Highway 17. But, in the same token we won’t have dangerous goods hauled all over the city, and that’s what our intention is, to ensure there are routes that allow people to access certain businesses in the community,” explained Aalbers.
Dangerous goods in the draft bylaw are noted as being Hwy 17, North and South, as well as Hwy 16 East and West.
“There is a route being laid out and proposed, there are exceptions because trucks that need service,” added Aalbers.
Council told administration to come back with more information.

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