City receives update on Alberta properties in arrears

By Jessica Dempsey

March 14, 2018 1:55 PM

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City council received an update about Alberta tax enforcement, and there are 70 Alberta properties that have been in arrears for more than one year.
The update comes just as the assessment and taxation team is working to prepare for the Alberta lien registration, which is at the end of March.
“The substantial majority of properties on the Alberta side that have arrears outstanding more than a year have come into compliance. There are some that are still outstanding, and the city is continuing to work with them to try and get them back on side without having to take further action against their properties,” explained Coun. Jonathan Torresan.
Administration is estimating they will have to register 15-25 this year, which is on par with the historical average. However, last year they only had to register six liens on Alberta properties.
Torresan said it was great to hear the progress that has been made with the prosperities.
“We don’t want anyone to lose their home, at the end of the day we are trying to improve people’s quality of life and not take away from their quality of life,” he said.
The city was able to cancel a public auction, which was to be held Jan. 10, because of payment or satisfactory agreements for payment on those properties.
The city received full payment of arrears for half of those properties, and there are three that are currently on payment agreements. 
Two of the agreements have kept up with their scheduled payment, but one property owner has failed to make the last couple months’ payments.
Yet, the city is working with the property owner and mortgagee to arrange for full payment of the remaining arrears.
“It’s not in the city’s best interest to sell land, and as our staff and administration indicated if a mortgagee is involved, basically a lender, they aren’t in the position of having that land sold by public sale so they will ensure arrangements are made to ensure the taxes are paid,” said Mayor Gerald Aalbers.
Currently, only two of the properties remaining from last year’s lien registration would be due for further tax enforcement this fall, but it is expected payment of the arrears by the property owner or mortgagee prior to then.

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