Hundred Women appeal for venues

By Geoff Lee

February 14, 2018 1:30 PM

The steering committee of the new 100 Women Who Care chapter welcomed women to register for the do-good organization last Thursday at the Lloydminster Stockade Convention Centre. From left are: Heather Dow, Sherri Stephens, Janice Haughian, Tricia Hunter and Jill Kelly. The group is looking for donated venues to hold their charity funding nights. PHOTO COURTESY OF NICHOLAS DAVID PHOTOGRAPHY

Lloydminster and area women have formed their own chapter of the 100 Women Who Care Alliance, to help fund more than 141 needy registered charities in the region.
The local chapter plans to provide funds to its first charity on March 14 following a successful launch the evening of Feb. 7 at the Stockade Convention Centre.
“The purpose was to bring awareness to the 100 Women Who Care and let everyone know what the rules were and what you’re committing to get the chapter started,” said Tricia Hunter.
Hunter has teamed with Janice Haughian, Heather Dow, Sherri Stephens and Jill Kelly on a steering committee.
More than 100 women registered at that startup to support a simple, yet effective grassroots mobilization of fundraising for needy charities.
“Members meet three times a year and donate $100 each to one of three charitable organizations the group choses to support each time with a majority vote,” explained Hunter.
“So there’s a $300 annual commitment.”
“If we get the support we’re thinking we might have, it’s going to be a substantial impact for people here,” said Stephens.
Dow said the motivation for women to register is not only an opportunity to give back, but the secondary benefit is an opportunity to socialize and expand social circles.
“I think the give back portion there is not a lot of commitment to one’s time other than giving your $100 cheque three times a year,” she said.
New members can register their commitment at the website backed by more than 2,000 women chatting on the group’s Facebook page.
“It’s great; it kind of exploded,” said Dow.
“If we get a core group of committed ladies out of that give back three times a year, that number could be a huge number giving back to a charity—it’s quite impactful.”
The exposure on social media means anyone can follow the group and see what they’re doing even if they’re not a member, but you have to register to be a member.
“We are starting to take nominations from our memberships, so once people register we will take any nominations they might have for a charity that they’d like to support,” said Stephens.
The immediate priority for the Lloydminster chapter is to lock up venue sponsors to host large numbers of women for the three annual charity selection nights.
So far they have no place to host the first meeting in March.
“We do not have a financial basis to put out cash for a venue, so we are looking for a venue or gift in-kind sponsors,” said Dow.
“The venue sponsor is very much key in making this group fly.”
Dow noted a venue sponsor will provide 100 Women Who Care with the ability to give back to charities that desperately need it.
She said the space needed depends on the number of members who turn up to vote to fund a charity, but that could range from 100 to more than 350.
Stephens noted 120 women from the Battleford chapter met recently in a furniture store, so the location could be an unconventional one.
“It doesn’t necessarily have to be a designated hall or facility for people to meet in, as long as it’s big enough to hold the people we have,” she said.
Venue sponsorship inquiries can be made by calling Hunter at 780-872-4828.

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