Plandowski to chart new career chapter

By Geoff Lee

September 27, 2017 2:44 PM

Wendy Plandowski is stepping down as the CEO of the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation on Oct. 31 after four years. GEOFF LEE LLS PHOTO

Wendy Plandowski steps down as CEO of the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation on Halloween, but her resignation and future are anything but scary.
Plandowski plans to take an active role as a partner in Section 25 Management, a new oil and gas asset management and landowner representation company, started by her land-agent husband, Todd.
“I’m going to be helping with our relationship management with our landowners, building new capacity for the company,” she said.
“So we’re looking at adding services and business development.”
Through an innovative and easy-to-use database and website, landowners will be able to coordinate and capture all of their assets in one location with Section 25.
In addition, customers are promised they will be provided with exceptional representation for all their landowner needs.
“It’s interesting because we’re kind of at the point now with Section 25 management that, in order to advocate for our landowners, we need to build stronger relationships with industry, government, and municipalities,” said Plandowski.
“So that liaison is something I really enjoy, so that will probably be where I’ll spend most of my energy.”
After four years of leadership at the Health Foundation raising funds for ongoing projects such as Pioneer Lodge expansion, a CT scanner, and a new dialysis unit, Plandowski will dare to look over her shoulder on her way out.
“I will miss the interactions with the community, with the donors, and the team that I worked with the board, so probably more the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the last four years,” she said.
“Of course, the impact that the Health Foundation has on enhancing health care in the community has been a challenge, but a really positive challenge.”
Plandowski also has a marketing background and will use those skills to ensure the administrative and technology side of Section 25 stays current.
She said Section 25 fills a gap in the industry whereby landowners could have someone representing them to make sure they are receiving fair value for the exchange of the oil and gas acquisition process.
Plandowski said what has happened with the recession and the drop in oil is that it became increasingly difficult for land owners to communicate with oil companies.
She noted oil companies took a different approach in some cases to negotiation and paying rentals, because they were under stress as well.
“We have some landowners who are quite vulnerable, so they may have lost a spouse who was the one that has been handling all the negotiations and files, so we are able to support that,” she said.
Plandowski said their goal is to take away the anxiety and the stress during the oil and gas acquisition process.
“We like to be the liaison between the landowner and the oil and company,” she said.
She said Todd became a land agent 15 years ago then started Section 25 as partners since they did have some experience with oil leases on their own acreage at the time.
Section 25 is the home quarter location for Plandowski farms on the land survey system.
The business has land agents from Saskatchewan, Vermilion and southern Alberta covering a broad geographic area for business growth.
The key component of Section 25’s business model is focused on landowner asset management as a revenue stream.
“The first thing we do is help them through our database to list all of their oil and gas assets or them and make sure that they know when their rentals would be coming in,” said Plandowski.
The asset management is the main component of the business.
“The negotiation is something that’s available to the landowners, but certainly not mandatory in our structure,” Plandowski explained.
“Really, what we are doing is creating efficiencies so that with the current price of oil it still makes sense for oil companies to want to do business with landowners.”
Plandowski will continue to be a familiar face in Lloydminster as she has accepted a part-time position as the entrepreneur in residence in the Business Accelerator.
She has started a consulting company, Northwest 25 Navigating that will do project work in the community in keeping with her volunteerism and community development DNA.
Plandowski will also continue to volunteer for the Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee and Border City Rotary while tending to her two kids “that are still needing mom once in awhile,” in her own words.

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