Letter from the past

By Sandra L. Brown

June 22, 2017 12:00 AM

Life in Lloyd 100 years ago

With their elements of discovery and heritage, time capsules communicate with folks in the future. 
Containing letters and mementos, they preserve memories from the past.
Dear Prairie folks: I’m writing this letter to share what life in Lloydminster is like in June 1917. 
The world is in an unstable situation with many of our boys fighting in the First World War far from home. 
The Knitting Circle welcomes all ladies who are willing to knit much needed socks for these soldiers serving overseas. 
Lloydminster folks have a tendency to arrive late for meetings and social gatherings, hope this will improve with time.
They had advertised the [political] meeting to start promptly at 8:15 pm, and whilst they might be a little late, yet they were probably ahead of some of the audience. 
Running as an independent, Mrs. Taylor represented the women who proudly won the right to vote last year. 
Campaigning is ongoing as candidates solicit voter support for the June 26 Saskatchewan election.
Drilling for the new town well reached a depth of 175 feet when they hit water. 
There is now a sufficient quantity of well water for use.
Once again, Lloydminster has completed its property assessments.
All ratepayers are invited to inspect the results and if there are any issues or complaints, to write and submit to the town office within 30 days. 
As you know, this also applies if you have complaints about other folk’s assessments too.
The town is abuzz as picnic season has arrived!
We’ve all been encouraged to shop locally rather than through mail-order catalogues to prepare for summer. 
Halls Store has a large selection of hats, ladies’ white muslin corset covers, men’s cream or white colored soft tennis shirts with attached collar, children’s long sleeve cotton jerseys and rubber soled canvas shoes to choose from. 
If you’re looking for all the necessary picnic items, shop at John Boyd’s for fruit, soft drinks, ice cream, cigarettes, cigars and confectionery items.
A favourite warm weather treat enjoyed by all ages is a 30 cent brick of ice cream. 
The ice supplier delivers night and day to keep our iceboxes cold. 
Thinking ahead to the fall harvest, folks are encouraged to get their orders in now for binder twine as supplies are limited. 
Speaking of the weather, we’ve had six nights of frost and less than half an inch of rain this month.
J. S. Jerome, an expert jeweler and watchmaker suggests the following, “Make it a watch, ring, bracelet or some other article of good jewelry for your graduation gift.  Something she can cherish and be proud of all her life.  You will find such a gift in our display of fine jewelry.  Not all of the items are expensive, but all of them are good.”
A sure and quick route to a woman’s heart, is through a gift of candy purchased from the bakery.
Whether it is for your wife or sweetheart, this sweet gift has a deep meaning, “It shows that you think of her and the things that she likes.” 
With a salary of $20 per month a maid is required for the hospital. 
Local auctions include the usual variety of farm and household items. 
A major sale will be held soon for folks who had left town and most of their property behind. 
Visitors to our fine town needing a place to stay will find clean hotel rooms and meals starting at a shocking 24 cents.
Automobiles are very pricey with the new Saxon Roadster selling for $665, “No other car, no matter the price, has a finer or more efficient starting and lighting system … it is a two-unit system built by Wagner.  No better can be bought.” 
Among its many noteworthy refinements are a speedometer, ventilating windshield, high speed motor with unusual power, 30-in by 3-in tires and electric horn. 
The Maxwell Touring Car price is priced even higher at $890, “Efficient service is one of the principle factors in the marvellous growth of the Maxwell.  Not free service—just prompt, courteous, quick service; free when the fault lies with the car and extremely reasonable when it lies with the owner.”
Have a wonderful future, folks.
Living in Lloydminster, Sandra raised her family here and is a proud grandmother of three. Like our early pioneers to the west, she encourages everyone to follow their dreams.

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