New policy gives council idea of how city will grow

By Kassidy Christensen

April 6, 2017 12:00 AM

Clear directions on how neighbourhoods will develop

An Area Structure Plan Policy was approved by council to give direction to the development of undeveloped land within the Border City.
The purpose of the Area Structure Plan Policy is to implement a policy under the City’s Municipal Development Plan 2013, as stated in council’s agenda.
It will ensure development of previously undeveloped lands, equal to or greater than one quarter section, are commenced through preparation and adoption of an Area Structure Plan (ASP) by council before being subdivided and developed.
Alan Cayford, director of public works for the City of Lloydminster, said an ASP provides the city with very clear direction on how the neighbourhoods and the city will grow.
“Their statutory plans that are fixed and then it gives council control of any changes that a developer may want to do, and it really gives us good structure to move forward,” he said.
The agenda stated this policy has the intention to correct current practice where all new developments in newly developing areas are started without the benefit of a statutory plan.
Cayford said they can plan beyond the ASP, and those are key things knowing where roads, the underground, parks and schools are going to be, allowing them to plan going forward.
Lloydminster Mayor Gerald Aalbers said, “We can now ensure that when we plan streets we covered off all the traffic issues, when we plan for schools, when we plan for developments and neighbourhoods, because that’s what the whole idea of the ASP is, to get that big picture overview so you know where you want to take your community.”
Aalbers said he thinks the ASP will help developers so they know and, “we’re all playing as it was discussed.”
“We’re playing in the same rules as the private developers, there’s no special circumstances for anyone,” he said.
In terms of how this policy will effect future development, Cayford said the policy likely won’t affect anything.
“The developers will have to potentially upfront a little more cost, so they’re going to have to have a statutory plan in place.
“But primarily the developers that we spoke to they have all that data, they’ve done their due diligence, they have they engineering done, they have their drainage plans done, and it’s about them consolidating all those document together into one plan and then we can present it to council and we end up with a document that’s firm,” Cayford said.

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