City manager gets the chop

By Kassidy Christensen

April 4, 2017 12:00 AM

The City of Lloydminster’s city manager Glenn Caroll has been relieved of his duties.
As stated in a press release sent out by the city Thursday informing the public of the matter, “Mayor Gerald Aalbers said recommendations resulting from a recent third-party review played a part in City Council’s decision to end Carroll’s contract.”
The mayor spoke with media Friday and did not address personal matters surrounding the situation.
“The City of Lloydminster respects and values every one of our employees very much and the matter you are here to discuss today is of a personal nature. We do not discuss personal matters directly in the public.”
Aalbers identified next steps that included appointing deputy city manager Kirk Morrison as the acting city manager.
“Steps forward after that, council feels that we would like to create or hire an interim city manager that will be in place as soon as possible to guide the city over the next period of months,” Aalbers said, adding approximately six months is what council is looking at to allow them to do a complete recruitment for a full time, permanent city manager.
“And going through a recruitment firm and searching high and low to ensure that we find the best candidate possible for the position going forward to help lead our city, working with city council,” Aalbers said.
The governance audit was contracted through George B Cuff & Associates and was brought forward to council Feb. 13 during an in-camera session.
The item was unanimously approved thereafter once council reconvened.
Based on the draft minutes of the Feb. 13 meeting, Coun. Michael Diachuk said after reconvening, “Resolved that in the interests of ensuring that council is providing constructive and useful leadership to the organization while seeking the input of a cross-section of its administration and all members of council, that council contract with George B Cuff & Associates Ltd. to develop and provide a Governance Audit for the City.”
On Friday Aalbers said they are waiting on the final report from the audit, which will be available to them early this week.
“We’ve seen a draft, (it) just went back for a few revisions from the consultant, (and) the report will be in the city package that will be released next Thursday (Apr. 6) to the public,” he said.
“The recommendations will come before city council at the council meeting on April 10,” Aalbers said, adding at that time council will be discussing the recommendations in the report.
Aalbers said he thinks the audit helped the new city council with a lot of different things, and will help give them some ground work going forward.
“I think that certainly there was a lot of discussion of it over the last months, and I hope that the recommendations will shed some light to give city council some direction that we have today, as we move forward.”
As for any further changes that may be made, Aalbers said it’s “steady as we go,” and the city is in full operation.
“It always is, and the acting city manager will be continuing to carry forward with the operation, and then we’ll have the interim city manager coming in to work with us through city council and to make recommendations move forward from that point,” Aalbers said.
The mayor said any insight into what the third-party review highlighted that led to the decision, would come out in some of the recommendations, adding the decision was not taken lightly.
“City council met for several hours the other night and discussed opportunities and options that we had.
“It was something that we did not do just at a moments notice and it was not strictly on the report, but it wasn’t based not on the report the accommodation of things we discussed, so to consider from that perspective to allow us to move forward as a city council that we are today,” Aalbers said.
“This council thanks Glenn Caroll for his years of service to the City of Lloydminster and wish him success in all future endeavours,” Aalbers said in a release.

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