Humans not responsible

By Geoff Lee

March 16, 2017 12:00 AM

Climate change natural: speaker

John Robson is forecasting a storm of skepticism and maybe a hail of boos when he speaks out against current climate change science at Lakeland College.
The Ottawa-based media commentator and documentary filmmaker questions the science behind the popular theory that climate change is caused by humans.
“I want people to insist that anybody who says they understand what the climate is going to do can explain what it already did,” said Robson, who has a Ph.d in American history.
“The past doesn’t sit with what the alarmists are saying today.”
Robson will present a free lecture based on the earth’s climate history at the Synergy Credit Lecture Theatre, Room BK112 on March 20 at 7 p.m.
He said people try to shout down anyone who raises questions about the science, however; he says no one thinks humans caused or ended the ice age.
He says it’s bad science to assert the same causal processes that have been going on for 500 million years have suddenly switched in the past 75 years to human factors.
“There is also no reason to think that humans caused climate change because it’s been changing sometimes quite unpleasantly,” he said, referring to hot and cold periods on earth with unpredictable changes in carbon dioxide levels.
“And examining the past history of the earth and measuring the claims of global warming alarmists against that history, we find that man-made global warming is a theory without proper scientific support and a lousy basis for making policy decisions,” he states in his speaking abstract.
Robson was invited to speak by Lloydminster’s Danny Hozack, the founder of the Economic Education Association and
“The climate issue is becoming increasingly clear that it’s based more on an ideology than it has been science,” said Hozack who ran as a Wildrose Party candidate for Lloyd-Vermilion riding in 2015.
“This is a timely thing; we should all be concerned about it and we hope there will be lot of people there,” said Hozack.
“If the energy industry really is destroying the planet (with hydrocarbons) then we’ve got to make it stop no matter what the adjustment costs,” said Robson.
“But what if we’re doing all this for nothing, if there is another side to the story, let’s find out what it is.”
Robson plans to announce a $50,000 crowdfunding campaign for a new documentary, The Environment: A True Story at the Economic Education Association climate conference n Calgary on March 17 before his Lloydminster talk.
Robson is hoping to exceed the total by at least $25,000 to make the best documentary possible and travel to sites like Alberta’s Badlands for footage.
Robson came to the Vic Juba Community Theatre February 2016 to talk about a documentary he and his wife, Brigitte Pellerin,  made about the Magna Carta and how that 800 year-old charter has influenced our freedoms.
Robson’s upcoming lecture and what will be the couple’s sixth documentary, asks what do we really know about the earth’s history when it comes to climate?
“What do we really know about what has been driving its frequent climate changes,” asks Robson.
“What can we reasonably say about what impacts humans are having and what might be going to occur?”

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