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January 12, 2017 12:00 AM

Caylie Gnyra has literally pinned down how she plans to make a living. The Vermilion entrepreneur plans to open 4th Meridian Acupuncture or 4MA for short, in Lloydminster in rented space at Oasis Hot Yoga Studio.

Caylie Gnyra has literally pinned down how she plans to make a living.
The Vermilion entrepreneur plans to open 4th Meridian Acupuncture or 4MA for short, in Lloydminster in rented space at Oasis Hot Yoga Studio.
Her 4MA business will kick off this Sunday at 4 p.m. with a community or group acupuncture session.
Gnyra, who grew up in Vermilion, has a diploma of acupuncture from Pacific Rim College in Victoria.
“I will be offering community acupuncture which is done in a group setting, on a sliding scale of $20–$40, and patients bring their own yoga mats to lie on, private acupuncture, fire cupping, and craniosacral therapy,” she explained.
In Alberta, she needs a licence to practice acupuncture, one of four provinces that do, but not in Saskatchewan where Oasis is located.
She’ll be offering fire cupping and craniosacral therapy out of Elevate, a yoga studio in Vermilion and community acupuncture, private acupuncture, fire cupping and craniosacral therapy out of Oasis.
Fire cupping is a technique that involves using a heated cup to create a vacuum suction that draws up the skin and fascia, almost like a reverse massage. 
Craniosacral therapy encourages tissue release with a gentle touch to balance the body’s cerebrospinal fluid system.
“The licensing exams for acupuncture are a two part exam with the first part in October and the second part in January,” said Gnyra.
“You have to write them in that order and I wasn’t able to write this year, so I can’t do the acupuncture part in Vermilion, but I can do it right away in Saskatchewan.”
Gnyra is stoked on being able to offer community acupuncture based on a cost effective model started in Portland, Oregon with the knowledge that the positive effects of acupuncture are cumulative.
“You have to do a whole course of treatments to get the lasting effect,” said Gnyra.
She noted acupuncture treatments done in a typical spa like setting in North America can cost $60-$100 per session.
“When people are charged more than they can afford, it means they don’t go as regularly as they can,” she said.
Gnyra said the thinking behind community acupuncture is to reduce the per patient costs to allow people to get the treatments they need while allowing the acupuncturist to make a living.
Sharing space and overhead costs at Oasis fits the model to a tee.
“I have a private room at Oasis where I can offer private acupuncture, fire cupping and craniosacral therapy and I’m also using the Hot Yoga studio to do community acupuncture,” said Gnyra.
She said with community acupuncture, your family and friends can all come and be silently treated together without having to discuss personal health issues.
“There seems to be something effective about being treated in a room with strangers,” said Gnyra, who noted most people seek acupuncture for pain relief.
She said lower back pain seems to be the number one most common reason that people head in.
“It sort of spans a wide range of issues—it can definitely work with pain relief but also mental emotion and psychological issues,” she said.
Gnyra said acupuncturist like her also work a lot with organ systems and regulating balance within the body.
“If you’ve got kidney and bladder issues or you are constantly getting colds more than other people then we would work with the lung system and things like that,“she added.
Gnyra also has a masters degree in museum studies, a bachelors of arts in native studies and a bachelor of arts in English.
She trains in craniosacral therapy with the Upledger Institute.
Gnyra expects to get her Lloydminster business licence this week with the demand for her services well established.
In Lloydminster, 4MA will start with community acupuncture on Sunday afternoons with private sessions on Mondays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
“I think people are excited—I’d love to be able to offer it in Vermilion as well—acupuncture and all these therapies are amazing,” she said.
“So yoga and meditation and reading really help but sometimes you literally need to be pinned down.”

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