Juicing your way to better health

By Geoff Lee

January 10, 2017 10:20 AM

Kate Sugg, left and Emmylou Wicker, co-owners of KEM Juice Co. show off some of their six flavours of cold pressed juices. The juices are perfect for a 1-3 day fast to start off the new year with a healthier look and feel. GEOFF LEE LLS PHOTO

Now that the Christmas break is over, it’s time to give your body a holiday from too much eating and celebration.
A one, two or three day juice cleansing experience from KEM Juice Co. could be your ticket to get off to a healthy start in 2017.
“Juice cleansing brings ourselves back to physical and mental balance,” states the marketing pitch of KEM co-owners Emmylou Wicker and Kate Sugg.
The juice making entrepreneurs are offering 1-3 days cleanses for $45 a day on a liquid diet of six bottles of their cold pressed juice flavours per day while fasting.
The all natural juices come in six flavours made fresh from store bought and organically grown fruits and vegetables in season.
Wicker says the raw juices act as cleansing agents with the enzymes dissolving the toxins being released.
The expected benefits of a juice cleansing are deeper sleeps, increased mental capacity and more energy.
“If you are going to do a cleanse for either one, two or three days without consuming any food, it’s just getting the digestive system time to relax,” said Wicker.
She said a lot of the energy one uses to eat is needed to digest food.
“So when you don’t have to actually digest, it gives your body other opportunities to heal,” Wicker said.
It’s best to eliminate caffeine, alcohol and nicotine before a cleanse and rest and a drink lot of water while cleansing.
Afterwards introduce soups, smoothies and salad into your diet, according to KEM’s instructions.
Wicker and Sugg are also certified yoga instructors at Oasis Hot Yoga Studio where they advocate their cold-pressed juices and cleansing as part of overall health.
“Yoga is a complete lifestyle—health, nutrition and it’s awareness of mind, body and spirit,” said Wicker.
“We’re actually growing the yoga community—we really want to branch out and expand their health in all avenues as well.”
The healthy juices are available in dark-green, light-green, orange, pink, purple, and red flavours and are cold-pressed and bottled at home by both ladies, as a home-based business.
“Everything is freshly chopped by us and all bought the morning before we juice—it’s made fresh,” said Sugg.
The dark green flavour for example, is made from cold pressed spinach, celery, cucumber, lime and aloe H2O.
“We make it fresh and deliver it that day and it’s usually consumed within three days,” said Sugg.
The juices retail for $8 for a 12oz. bottle or $5 for an 8 oz. bottle and are available at the Oasis yoga studio, local markets and on Facebook at KEM Juice Co.
“A lot of kids really enjoy them—there are really good flavours and colours and they’re appealing to all ages,” said Sugg.
Providing healthier foods for kids and yoga clients by juicing was the idea behind the creation of KEM Juice.
“A lot of our clients were outsourcing to Edmonton and Saskatoon for the same exact product,” said Wicker.
“We noticed with our kids they weren’t getting as many fruits and veggies as we really wanted them to get.”
Wicker said she and Sugg were both trying to add fruits and vegetables into their kids’ diets in a fun way.
“What we’re trying to do is kind of sneak in some veggies and nutrients in with the fruit,” said Wicker with juices.
“We wanted to make sure they tasted good and are good for kids and families—the health conscious person really.”

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