Feeling the gold rush


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November 17, 2016 12:00 AM

AT THE WHEEL Local welder Filipa Borges will be featured throughout the current season of Discovery Channel's Gold Rush, where she showcases her skills while helping the show's crew mine for gold in the Yukon. SUPPLIED PHOTO

Filipa Borges felt the rush.
The local Red Seal welder from Scorpion Steel and Mechanic was invited to use her skills on this season of Discovery Channel’s show Gold Rush, which premiered Oct. 14, where she was filmed lending a hand while the crew searched the Yukon for gold.
“It was great, it was a lot of fun, and lots of new experiences,” said Borges.
“I’m not sure how much I’ll be on the show, to be honest with you, they record everything, but I have no idea what ends up being aired.”
The show’s crew had Borges doing everything from driving a rock truck, operating various equipment, running errands, to her specialty—welding and fixing equipment.
Though she doesn’t know how much she’ll be featured in every episode, Borges said she’ll appear throughout the season and was introduced in the first show of the year as one of Monica Beets’ girls. 
Beets is one of the main players on the show, daughter of Tony Beets, and Borges said Monica’s one of the higher ups in the mining crew.
“They film as you work, you work everyday and then the camera crew is around all day,” said Borges, adding with some humour that being under the camera could be a bit nerve-wracking.
“You just kind of got to ignore they’re there and try not to screw up, because they record everything.”
Borges got the opportunity to work on the show, which filmed this season just south of Dawson City, Yukon, through colleague Big Mike Beaudry who’s a fellow welder out of Turtleford, SK.
Borges and Big Mike, who’s been on the show three years now, met rig welding right here in Lloydminster, and when Tony Beets sent Big Mike out to hunt down talent for the show, he suggested Borges right away.
“I fixed equipment with him down here, working with Beretta and a couple other pipeline companies and he goes up every summer, so he asked me if I wanted to go up with him,” Borges said.
Big Mike said he knew Borges was a great welder, so he got the job set up for her and she was a great fit for the Gold Rush crew.
Not only was her work exceptional and, despite her admission the cameras made her a bit self-conscious, she took to it like a duck to water, which is a big step in succeeding on the show.
“She did excellent, Fil took to it quite well,” said Big Mike.
“She got used to having the camera people around right away, which is a huge part of it, it’s a huge part of working with Tony (Beets), so if you can get along with those people and work well with them, it makes your life a lot easier at work.”
Catch Borges on Gold Rush on Friday evenings on Discovery.

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