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October 13, 2016 12:00 AM

Letters to the editor

Dear editor:
Responding to Barb Galuk’s letter to the editor, Change is in the Air, (Oct. 6 Source).
Yes there is a need to change not only in our public representatives, but internally for those in positions who at will have taken mayor and council down the slippery rope of a slide.
A key reminder is at this time is the mayor before today’s mayor afforded (his position) salary increase,  followed by one for council members,  which was higher than salaries in both provinces for similar sized communities. 
Disorganized, lack of communication and need of respect in a partnership/teamwork came forward with council persons pressured in reading hundreds of pages of documents that influence the outcomes of their meetings leaving trails of unanswered questions, harsh bitter words, (perceived) bullying and more suspicion. 
Before our present mayor, the choice was paltry day time meetings excluding the working class, for most part, denying them to view, respond, participate, think, analyse the proceedings, the presentations frustrating most.
Besides our water/waste treatment centre, the roads, we now have more debt before the basics even start. 
Hopefully mayor and council can employ local contractors to keep our residents with a paycheque to continue investing in their own community. 
More debt incurs not only from our current financial messes—the runaway projects, the basics we need to function as a city—but alas, the imposed carbon tax from provincial and federal governments. 
No doubt will we pay the carbon tax costs as individuals but we need to have mayor, council, CAO, CEO, directors, management to take ownership to clean up their messes, downsize, cut back, take hold of the reins to deal with the city’s carbon tax costs without penalty to us. 
Why should we, the residents, have to pay for their mistakes made in frivolous spending sprees? 
Basically we have a Kool Aid budget, but what about the water?
Barb pulled the issues together so very well alerting us to “the momentum of waiting for a train to crash; the derailment is ‘when’” and how much can we salvage after cleaning up the messes.
Now, if there was a time where change is so badly needed, is now.  
Our voice needs to say: Stop!  Put on the brakes!  
Lloydminster can do better.   
We can do better. We make a difference.  Our voices matter.  
It is our choice.  
The onus is on you, the voter, to make change a reality.
Dawn Dalton-Hodd

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