Lawn ornaments keep appearing


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October 4, 2016 12:00 AM

Little stinkers Gloria Rindlisbacher poses with her ever increasing flock of garden characters left by a mysterious midnight donor.

The Rindlisbachers of Lashburn are having a problem with squatters.
In the couple’s garden, among the marigolds, geraniums, and daylilies, a clan of gnomes and their pet family of skunks has taken up residence, with their numbers growing seemingly every day.
“It is too funny—we moved into this little place about three years ago and cleaned it up to the point where it’s absolutely gorgeous, and we made a garden and then my husband said, maybe we should build a little bridge, so we did and shortly after the bridge we had a family of (ceramic) skunks move in,” said Gloria Rindlisbacher, with a hearty laugh.
“A momma and two babies, and then we had about a week later a gnome show up, then a couple days later we had another gnome show up, then we had another gnome show up last night, then we had another gnome show up.”
Gloria and her husband Fritz moved into the house on 201 1st St. W., when they found out it was going to be demolished and decided to put some work into it instead.
Rindlisbacher said the house was in such rough shape the neighbourhood children would run past it because they thought it was haunted.
After some new grey siding and an overhaul on the garage, and of course the digging of a new garden, she said the whole property is unrecognizable from the haunted house it once was.
And that’s when the gnomes moved in.
“As soon as we put up the bridge we had the skunks, and I said to my husband, either someone is telling you your bridge stinks or they’re quite liking it,” she said. 
“I didn’t know what was going on, I thought what the heck?” she said.
“And I said to my neighbour, thanks so much for the skunks, ‘Oh, it wasn’t me,’ he said.
“I said, yeah right, it’s got your name written all over it. ‘No, it wasn’t me.’ And then when the gnome showed up, I said, thank you for the gnome. ‘No it wasn’t me.’ And then another gnome showed up. Thank you for the gnome. ‘No, it wasn’t me.’ And so on.”
To date, the Rindlisbachers still don’t know who’s bringing the gnomes into their yard or where they’re coming from.
All they can determine is that it must be happening in the evening, because neither Gloria nor Fritz see anyone in the yard during the day time, and it’s in the morning when the little fellas appear.
The couple doesn’t mind, either, and are tickled pink every time a new one shows up.
The only problem for Gloria is she doesn’t know whom to thank.
“I’ve heard of people’s yard being vandalized and things being stolen out of the yard, but things actually being put into the yard? This is just amazing, so I said to my husband, we should name this house the gnome home,” she said.
“It’s turned into kind of a game now, like try and figure out who’s doing this; it’s just that they’re having so much fun, you know? It’s amazing, it’s just totally amazing and I just love it.”

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