From Kid to Punk to Lloyd, McCulloch set to play the Jube


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September 13, 2016 12:00 AM

CANADIAN FAVOURITE and former Kids In the Hall cast member, Bruce McCulloch, is taking his special brand of comedy on the road, and that same road leads to Lloydminster next month. PHOTO COURTESY BRUCE McCulloch

From Kid in the Hall to man on a stage, 50 year-old Bruce McCulloch is still at it, making Canadian’s countrywide bust a gut with his self-proclaimed weird brand of comedy and cynical worldview.
McCulloch took some time while waiting at Logan International Airport in Boston, where he was filming a cameo in an upcoming movie he’s not at liberty to give details on, to speak with the Source about his live show Young Drunk Punk, which he’ll bring to the Vic Juba Community Theatre on Oct. 6.
“It’s me on stage saying my hopefully funny, poetic and weird things; it’s a mixture of standup and music and story telling,” McCulloch said, his comedic switch seemingly stuck in the on position.
“It’s my world view, so there’s some stories about growing up a punk and wanting to beat up my dad, or I talk a little bit about my marriage and a couple stories about crazy things happening;  it’s me talking about what I think is funny in the world and what’s happening to me.”
The routine came about innocently enough when some friends in Toronto asked him to do a show and he came up with the title Young Drunk Punk, which he thought was a good one for the performance.
Then he started writing jokes in that vein and before he knew it, the concept snowballed from a comedy routine into a book, and then a television series that aired a season on CBC.
Though the series was only a single season, the live show has be going sporadically for a few years and Lloydminster residents will get to experience the humorous absurdity next month.
The ever evolving routine of Young Drunk Punk isn’t entirely fun and games, however, with the show’s description saying it’s “peppered with surprising poignancy.”
“I can’t say people love it everywhere I go because that would be very unCanadian of me,” McCulloch said, laughing.
“But people who know me from the show (Kids in the Hall) think it’s funny and theatre people are often moved by some of it so it’s kind of win-win, I think for me.”
McCulloch admits he’s easily bored so the performance is often subject to changes here and there, which he likens to turning over the soil like a good farmer would.
The comedian is also joined on stage by longtime collaborator Brian Connelly, who played guitar with the band Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, which is responsible for penning the Kids in the Hall theme song.
Throughout all the music, story telling and standup jokes runs a common thread, said McCulloch, and that connection is all outsiders are in it together.
He said even at present, as a 50 year-old waiting in an airport, he still feels like an outsider and always has.
His friends in Kids in the Hall were outsiders and so were most of the fans, and they’re all in it together, all of the weird people, just trying their best.
Even when asked something simple like if he’d ever performed in the Border City before, the weird outsider comedian still can’t help but answer with a joke.
“I never have—am I going to get beat up? I know I can still get beat up in Red Deer still, but we’ll see.”

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