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August 30, 2016 12:00 AM

The ground breaking work of Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) is still being used today, but is having a huge impact on the automotive industry.

Electric cars are becoming more commonplace as we move forward, and all that cutting edge technology can be traced back to one man who foresaw wireless communications 130 years ago.
And the technology arising from his work is nothing short of spectacular.
Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, inventor, and futurist.
Look at all the gadgets around you and notice there are none of it for which Teslas’ work wasn’t part of the framework.
As far back as 1893 Nikola made announcements of the possibility of wireless communication with his devices.
“The first ever radio controlled boat was another Tesla achievement, and while ill-fated, he was also attempting the first ever intercontinental wireless radio transmission.”
This was a guy who ate dinner every day at exactly 8:10 p.m., served by the same waiter in the same restaurant in the same hotel.
Every night before bed he squished his toes 100 times, claiming this helped stimulate his brain cells, which might lend some ideas to how he rationalized proclaiming his love for a pure white pigeon with grey tipped wings.
Despite any oddities, this was a man whose legacy inspired the masses, and one such man is Elon Musk.
Elon is one of the benefactors of PayPal, an Internet based method of paying for goods ordered online.
Musk received $165 million when PayPal was bought by Ebay.
Nice payday.
Musk certainly wasn’t broke before that either.
He was also an engineer and inventor, a forward thinker who, like many men with a high degree of self-love, sought to use his passions to improve the lives of people around him.
After the financial meltdown of 2008 Elon assumed leadership of the Tesla Motors company as CEO and product architect, and position he still holds today.
This is a car company focused on the electric car.
Yes, the electric car.
I’ve gone on about hybrid electric cars in the past and certainly I’d group the full electric in with it, but this is different.
This is exciting.
This is beyond the expectations of anyone who doubts electric cars.
Tesla produces electric power-train systems to the likes of Daimler for the Smart EV, to Toyota for the Rav4 EV, and Mercedes for their A Class and B Class sedans.
The idea is Tesla wants to produce a sub $30,000 model for manufactures to produce their own electric cars without having to incur the cost of development in house.
Maybe that would make the electric car more appealing.
However, I think it’s more likely consumers in our neck of the woods look at the Tesla as more of a toy for the time being.
If you have done well and are looking for the ultimate ride, consider this.
The newest Tesla Model S P100D is not only stunningly beautiful to look at, it boasts 0-60 mph in an astonishing 2.5 seconds.
That’s Hennessy Viper fast, that’s faster than an Audi R8 V10, faster than a Pagani Zonda R, that’s faster than a Ferrari LaFerrari.
It is stupid fast.
Pure torque, pure power, I’m absolutely certain there is nothing in this part of our province that would ever touch you.
Besides this brute power though, the Tesla Model S boasts some pretty incredible features, after all, while humiliating the street rods and leaving them in your dust, why not engage the positive cabin pressure to utilize the Bio-Defence mode.
This is clean cabin air of the highest calibre.
Not just a means of keeping dust and pollen out of your cockpit, but also every trace of exhaust particulate, allergens, bacteria.
Its advertised as the Bio-Weapons Defence Mode.
We’re talking about all-wheel drive, perfectly distributed drivetrain weight, touch screens, a beautifully styled interior, adaptive headlights, and every conceivable luxury, including a system that not only knows when you’ll fit into a parking space, but goes ahead and does the parking for you.
If I didn’t mention the range, its around 450 kilometres on a single charge.
This is a 500-plus HP car that gets the equivalent of 89 mpg and charges fast.
This isn’t just a novelty, its an emerging technology to be taken quite seriously.
Oil lovers can rest easy, though,  because as impressive as this Telsa is, we still need to generate the power to charge our EVs every night in our garages.

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