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August 18, 2016 12:00 AM

Darci Lang

Speaker says focus on the positives in life is the way to live

No matter how bright one’s outlook, everyone could always use a little extra positivity in their lives, and on Aug. 30 a guest speaker is coming to town with one simple tool to help out with that.
The Lloydminster Public School Division is inviting entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Darci Lang, to share her secret of positivity.
“The message is called ‘Focus on the 90 per cent,’ and it’s a motivational message for anyone in this community to come out and hear; it’s my belief that we hold a magnifying glass out in front of us in our lives and we have a choice what we focus it on—what I call the 90 per cent of the positive aspects of our life, or the not so positive 10 per cent,” said Lang.
This focus isn’t just something to be applied to one aspect of life, Lang said, but can be used to bring positivity to people’s work, community involvement and home lives as well.
That’s where Lang said her presentations differ from other motivational speakers, who often just focus on one area of improvement.
“Sometimes you go hear a motivational speaker and it’s just about work, or you go hear a speaker that’s just about parenting, as where this one simple message applies to all areas of their life—so they can get one more tool for their life toolbox to go out into the world and be able to see what is good,” she said.
According to Lang, she hopes that audience members take away an idea that they all have positive things in their lives, but there’s also a 10 per cent of negative situations to deal with as well.
She said she meets very few people in her travels that have a perfect existence, but no matter what’s going on in a person’s day-to-day, it’s still possible to maintain a level of positivity if one makes the choice to focus on the good.
“When I speak to companies and community groups and parent groups, the majority of the 10 per cents in our lives are the things we have no control over,” she said.
“So talking about things we have no control over is like talking about the weather, right? So my challenge to people is we all have those 10 per cents in our work, with our coworkers, in our communities and in our family lives, but we also have so much good.”
Lang is going into her 23rd year of this particular presentation and has delivered it hundreds of times from coast to coast.
The 47-year-old entrepreneur started the presentations as a means to help fellow entrepreneurs believe in themselves and show how the power of being positive can transform their lives, then eventually the talks became so popular it turned into a full-time job for her.
Lang said she partly credits the popularity of her presentations to the fact that she is also a former business owner, wife and a mother to teenaged children, which makes her relatable to her audiences.
“People really appreciate hearing from somebody who has a real life and real life challenges,” she said.
“I get to come with all those roles and say, ‘I get it, life is not perfect, my life is not perfect, but we all have a choice in how we approach our life, and again, how positive we are really creates our own life and also, everyone’s around us that has to work and live with us.’”
Anyone interested in learning more about the 90 per cent can catch Lang at the Vic Juba Community Theatre Aug. 30 at 7 p.m.

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