Drunk loves Lloyd

By Geoff Lee

August 18, 2016 12:00 AM

Punch Drunk Cabaret will be at The Root Sept. 3. L-r: Singer Randy Bailer, drummer Capt. Sean Watts and bass player Terry "Sawbones" Grant.

Punch Drunk Cabaret will tick two items off their bucket list on a three day tour through Saskatchewan in September.
The three member Alberta band will perform their first ever live show in Lloydminster at The Root on Sept. 3 after a cancelled gig at the Legacy Centre in May due to liquor licence snafu.
“Maybe this time for real,” Randy Bailer, singer and manager said with a laugh.
He noted the cancellation was disappointing for them and fans who bought tickets.
“We feel quite good about the fact we’ve been able to pick that show up again just a few months later,” he said.
Before hitting Lloyd, the rockabilly steampunk swing act will also perform their first ever live show in Saskatoon on Sept. 1 at the Capital Music Club.
That will be followed by a sold out show with Trooper in North Battleford on Sept. 2 as they make their way to Lloyd, which Bailer calls a strange town, but in a good way.
He said it’s strange because despite the cancellation in May, “the press has been so damned good to us in Lloyd like no other place.
“Saskatoon is really strange and elusive too, because we’ve recorded all three albums there and really consider Saskatoon a second home—we’ve never played there live,” he said.
He noted in the music business there is so much deal making behind the scenes that never makes the light of day.
“It’s a strange thing—some markets you can’t get arrested and in Lloyd, the press has just been so supportive of what we do,” he said.
Punch Drunk’s much awaited arrival in Lloydminster will be hyped with the release of their video, Beard of Bees, named for a song on their newest and third album, Electrik Steam Show.
Bailer said the video has been become very important to this band because they are a very visual band.
“One thing about this band is we’re very much a live band first,” said Bailer.
“That live show has to impact people the first time and so everything that we do, from the songs that we write, to the way that we look—everything stems from having an engaging live show.”
The live on stage eye candy starts with drummer Capt. Sean Watts who plays a pared down drum kit that he plays standing up.
“Every time we play, there’s comments that people have never seen someone stand up and play the drums so he definitely brings a unique angle to it,” said Bailer.
The bass player is Terry “Sawbones” Grant who plays an unconventional 12 string bass instead of the usual four string instrument.
“It’s very unique—there’s not a lot of people in Canada that even play that instrument,” said Bailer, noting it was developed in the 70s by a guy in the band Cheap Trick.
Bailer said Punch Drunk will perform songs from all three of their albums at The Root.
“We’ve never taken such a left turn that there is an album that doesn’t apply—each album we’ve built off the last one,” he said.
He also described Punch Drunk as a “homeless band,” meaning Bailer lives near Wetaskiwin, Watts in Hanna and Grant near Edmonton and they get together to perform.
The trio tagged up in July for two videotaping sessions for the Beard of Bees project starting at Bailer’s family farm.
They completed a performance video on a set there that Bailer built in the hayloft of an old barn. The second part was shot on what Bailer called really epic locations in southern Alberta including Horsethief Canyon in the badlands.
“Because we are a very visual band, it really lends itself well to the media form of video,” said Bailer.
“Quite often we get booked because of our videos.”

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