Banff is calling local songwriter

By Geoff Lee

July 21, 2016 12:00 AM

Director Justin Brunelle (right) talks with Sam Lundell (left) in between takes of a music video for Lundell's original song Everything, with Lundell's brother, Dallas, in the background. The video was released on Monday as part of a Storyhive competition.

It would mean everything to Sam Lundell to win a $10,000 scholarship to the Banff Centre for the Arts to pursue his craft as an indie rock artist.
The 19 year-old singer songwriter from nearby Islay is counting on fan votes this week for his first music video for his original song Everything released on Monday.
“It’s an amazing experience,” said Lundell, who is over the moon with the possible outcome.
“If we get the votes and the judges deem us worthy as well, then that will be a $10,000 grant to the Banff Centre.”
The voting ends Friday on, a Telus-based production funding and distribution competition for emerging content creators in B.C. and Alberta.
Lundell teamed up with Edmonton filmmaker Justin Brunelle and cinematographer David Baron, formerly of Vermilion, to create the video for Telus Optik TV’s Storyhive.
The Everything video was funded from a $10,000 Storyhive grant given to 17 Alberta and B.C. artists competing for the Banff scholarship.
“It’s been an amazing day,” said Lundell soon after the announcement of the release.
“We are so looking forward to the video coming out and people experiencing the video for the first time.”
Everything is available for purchase on and can also be played on Storyhive’s YouTube music video channel.
Or follow the links on Sam Lundell’s own website.
“We’ve got it playing on Wayne FM (Wainwright) and I think possibly on K-Rock as well,” said Lundell on Monday.
Lundell said he and his brother Marshall wrote the original version of Everything a few years ago with the music video bringing the story behind it to life.
The music video follows a young woman searching for time to self-reflect while on a life-changing hitchhiking trip through Alberta’s countryside.
The Sam Lundell Band drives the video’s message of finding freedom and love in what seems to be the darkest of times according to the new release.
Lundell has been writing songs off and on for the past four years, but he’s held off playing them at his live gigs throughout Alberta.
He said he is very protective of his own work, noting the success of his Everything song could open the creative floodgates.
“I have lots of songs incubating that I have yet to bring out in the public eye,” said Lundell.
“I am realizing more these days, my songs need to have wings and get them out there so this is a good way to get that started.”
Currently, Lundell makes a living as a music teacher in Islay while he dares to dream of playing music and releasing records full time.
“I’d love to play for people who believe in the songs that I am singing,” he said.
“I want to sing songs that I believe in and other people are connected to—that’s the dream career-wise and if I can make enough to live on, then I am more than happy.”
Music kind of runs in his family as his oldest brother Dallas performed at Carnegie Hall when he was just 17 and his mom is also musically inclined.
“We like to say mom is the musical one and dad drives the bus,” joked Lundell, who noted Marshall is actually “very quiet” with his musical gifts these days.
Lundell is grateful for being approached by Brunelle and Baron who have worked on other Storyhive funded projects and were headhunting for a new artist.
“They had a few options and they ended up settling on me—they asked me if I wanted to do it and I looked up their work, and I was extremely impressed,” said Lundell.
He said Brunelle has an eye for lighting and nature with some of the scenes filmed near his family’s ranch in Islay.

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