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July 7, 2016 12:00 AM

Owner and operator of the 1UP Gaming mobile game theatre, David Kadun, plays a couple rounds along side his daughters, Jessica and Hailey.

Video game freaks will have cause for celebration when 1UP Gaming’s mobile game theatre has its grand opening tomorrow night in the Servus Sport Centre parking lot.
“It’s a 32 ft. mobile video game trailer, luxury limo style, and can hold about 30 adults comfortably on the bench seating, 16 people can play at any one time on the gaming systems,” said David Kadun, owner and operator.
“It’s climate controlled air-conditioned in the summer, and heated in the winter, so we can run 12 months of the year—what I was really focussing on is it’s a new party idea for Lloydminster and the surrounding area.”
The mobile venue is quite unique, there being only five in Canada, and Kadun said it’s an idea that targets the demographic from youth to adults for occasions like birthdays to bachelor parties.
The gaming trailer has four high definition televisions, complete with surround sound,  four X-Box 360s, two X-Box 1s, two Wii Us, and a PlayStation 4.
All the consoles can be linked to each other as well, encouraging multi-player gaming, perfect for parties and events.
“We have games for the younger kids all the way up to the blood and gore for the adults,” said Kadun.
“For some of the younger kids, we have Super Mario Brothers, then for racing, Mario Cart, to actual Forza, we have BMX, dirt biking, football, hockey, baseball, all the way up to Halo, Call of Duty and Battlefield; we try to really focus on multi-player games where we can get as many people playing on our systems at once and that’s where the focus is.”
The public response to his new venture has been excellent, Kadun said, with people showing interest and booking for events before the trailer was even built.
He said that the business is in a good market, with video game culture only expanding and progressing, and his trailer is easily adaptable to keep up with the evolution of gaming and gaming consoles.
If a new system comes out, Kadun just has to buy it and hook it up.
“It’s something where I thought, it’s not going to die off, it seems to keep getting bigger and better, and that’s something the way this trailer was built,” he said. 
“If a new system comes in, I can buy it and to upgrade these systems is extremely simple, so it’s something where the market is there, it’s just not as big in huge centres, but people are still interested.”
And the mobile gaming theatre isn’t stuck with just typical video games either, with Kadun even looking at the possibility of virtual reality.
He said there’s room in the trailer to set it up and next year he’s considering buying a VR unit, saying whatever the client wants, he should be able to comply. 
So if you’re interested in checking out 1UP Gaming’s mobile game theatre for free, it’ll be at the Servus Sports Centre on Friday from 6 until 9 p.m.

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