On the Edgerton of fame

By Geoff Lee

May 10, 2016 11:34 AM

Ribstone Creek Brewery in Edgerton is acting as a tourism and business magnet for the village. Frantic Films wil spend three hours filming at the brewery Thursday for a CBC episode of Still Standing. The comedy portion of the show featuring standup comedian Johnny Harris will take place May 16 at the Agricultural Hall.

Edgerton will soon be known as the little village that could.
The economic engine of hope is the Ribstone Creek Brewery that is the focal point for an upcoming episode of Still Standing to be aired on CBC Television.

It’s got people talking and counting their chickens before they hatch from this week’s videotaping by Frantic Films to the long term impact of the brewery on economic investment and tourism.

“That’s the driving force behind Still Standing,” said Bruce Anderson, general manager of the brewery.  “It’s not a brewery story, it’s an Edgerton story so that will be huge for this community.”

Crews are in town May 12 filming footage at the brewery and other businesses including interviews with locals by comedian Johnny Harris.
Harris goes around town mining material for the standup comedy part of the show to be taped on May 16 before a live audience of up to 300 at the Agricultural Hall.

Anderson said the national TV exposure for Edgerton will be “absolutely amazing” and will stir up new opportunities for growth.

“The good part is it makes us look like a progressive community,” he said about the show.

“We’re are trying to create an environment where businesses can succeed and bring more people into town.”

Roxy McBride, who co-owns two corner gas businesses, the Sand Dunes Liquor store and Herbie’s Auto & Confectionary, expects more people will come to her stores and the brewery once the episode airs.

“It might bring a few through because they are going to see all over Alberta what our little town is about,” she said.

The show’s producer Shayla Howell previously sampled one of McBride’s 48 flavours of soft ice cream and will be at the store this week to shoot footage.

“It’s kind of exciting for our little town,” she said, noting the first time Howell was in Edgerton they had a good long visit and a drive about town.

McBride’s buffalo ranch is a little to far out of town to qualify for local footage, but it might get a mention in the final script.
Connie Steves is the owner of Edgerton Wellness Centre and also runs the Edgerton street market.

She says both locations are on Howell’s filming radar and K-Rock radio in Wainwright too.
“With CBC coming in and K-Rock coming in, I’ve had more requests to come on the market,” said Steves.

“I’m getting lots of stuff happening with the market and my store.”
Steves welcomes the publicity for her services that range from massages and detoxing to wellness coaching along with sales of a new line of organics from Joli Essential Creatives.

“Just from the hum of it, I’m getting a lot more people coming from Wainwright for treatments,“she said.

Steves noted the brewery has also brought people into town with tours at the same time as the summer market.

“It’s kind of working hand in hand with the community to get things happening at the same time,” she said.

The Still Standing show will promote Ribstone’s ongoing expansion of its craft beers in the Alberta market and bring in even more visitors to spend money around Edgerton during their stay.

“That will help us and it will really help the community,” said Anderson.
Len Waddell, who owns Home Hardware with his wife Debbie, said he has no idea what this week’s filming will do to draw business to town,  but it could boost his coffee sales.

“They wanted to know if I would be available for the film crews because I have some kind of a coffee spot here somedays and they wanted to see that,” said Waddell.

“I’m scared to tell my guys that’s going to happen because they will disappear for that whole week that they’re here.”

Waddell notes the brewery is definitely attracting some traffic into town that’s good for his business too.

“On Saturdays when they have their tours, we see quite a few of the people wandering around,” he said.

He’s hoping with the warm spring weather and the attention from the film crew, that business will be good for his seasonal line of gardening tools and products.

“The town could always use the publicity,” he said.
Marianne Volk, the co-owner of Edgerton Foods with Carol Gordon, expects the filming and the standup comedy show on Monday will be bring a lot of people into town.

“As it gets closer, I think it will attract a lot of people into town for that day,” said Volk.

She noted there’s already quite a strong buzz about Ribstone that caught the attention of Howell as an example of a little town that could.

“It has definitely brought in a few different people coming through—people always stop and I guess that helps us at the store,” she said. “They will stop for a pop or a loaf of bread so it does help us too.”

Volk said Howell has spoken to Gordon during her initial scouting trip to Edgerton and expects a film crew at the food store too.
“Everyone is looking forward to it, anything is good for the town,” she said.

“Growing is good isn’t it?”

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