Holy Rosary to get fit


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April 28, 2016 6:00 AM

Principal Vince Orieux and vice-principal Jason Almond, of Holy Rosary High School, said they're excited to annouce the new high performance student athlete prgram to be introduced next fall, which will focus on softball and baseball skills.

Holy Rosary High School will be beefing up its physical education classes next fall, with the introduction of the high performance student athlete program.
The new program will give kids from Grade 8 through Grade 12 a chance to improve their skills in both softball and baseball with help from community coaches in both sports.
“We’re excited for offering that opportunity to kids in this school who have an interest in developing their skills in those two sports,” said Holy Rosary principal Vince Orieux.
“There are a number of kids in our school heavily involved in those two sports, and at the community level they’ve had a great deal of success at Western Canadian Championships and National Championships, and we just thought it was a tremendous opportunity to give those kids a chance to develop their skills during the school day while still looking after curriculum requirements.”
Orieux said that the high school can’t offer actual teams, but it can offer the development program that spills over into the community, and it is his hope that this will allow players to bring their skills to the next level.
The program isn’t just beneficial to school athletics either, as the principal points out there’s a strong connection between being active and academic achievement.
He said when students are involved in activities like sports, their academic averages increase as well. “Their buy-in to what the school is trying to do increases, their attendance improves, there are fewer office referrals,” he said. “They just become better all around students.”
Being involved in activities like sports creates a bond with being in school and a camaraderie not only between students, he said, but between the students and the school environment.
Vice-principal Jason Almond said it also improves the body and mind connection, which is essential to all around academic performance.
“When you’re active and you’re in shape, and you consider nutrition, the kids are healthy and they’re going to get proper sleep, and they’re going to be attentive when they’re in school,” said Almond.
“They’re going to be doing well in their classes with high success rates and confidence continues onto to their academics.”
Orieux said the new programming is also about more than just bats, gloves and balls, as there is a theory aspect to it with classroom time where students will learn the tactical aspects of the games too.
The developers of the program have already reached out to some of the leaders in the softball and baseball communities and will use their knowledge to help build the curriculum.
“We want it to be an extension of their programs. We have the curricular side of things to be concerned with,” he said.
“We have to make sure that our kids are in the right position and we’re fulfilling our requirements with the ministry, but using those two sports as the vehicle to meet that need.”

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