Welcome to Pothole City

By Geoff Lee

April 14, 2016 6:00 AM

Lloydminster resident Pat Harper wants public works to drain the water from this portion of 4400 block of 45th St. to prevent heavy vehicles from tracking mud by her place on 45th Ave.

Potholes are us.
That’s an unofficial motto these days at the city’s public works department with spring road repairs in effect.
“This is pothole season,” declared Alan Cayford, director of public works, who relies on reports from the public to prioritize repairs.
“We can only fix what we know,” he said, adding there are many kilometres of roads in the city.
One of this week’s priorities involved sending a crew out on Monday to investigate a complaint by Lloydminster resident Pat Harper about water and mud on 4400 block of 45 Street.
“There’s water running across the road; it’s a big mud hole and there’s traffic going out there all the time,” said Harper who lives around the corner on 45 Ave.
She said it’s one of the first trails made by the Barr Colony and it’s still there a 100 years later.
“There’s a lot of traffic on that road and it’s never had much attention,” said Harper.
“The city has abandoned this end of the city, but what can we do?”
Harper phoned in her complaint to public works at 780-874-3700, but residents with Internet access can register a quick complaint on the Report a Concern link on the home page of the city’s website.
“It goes directly to a person who forwards it off and it gets answered right away,” said Cayford.
He said a crew was sent out to assess the site of Harper’s complaint and took some pictures.
“We’ll make a plan as to what we’re going to do with it,” he said, noting it has some water pooled on it.
Cayford described the dirt roadway as essentially an unimproved road that accesses the Legion Ball Park at the east side of the city behind BM Inns on 44th St.
Harper suggested the city could put in a culvert to resolve the water issue.
“It brings the mud out on the rest of the city too,” she said.
“Let’s get some action on it.”
Cayford said any concerns that a resident calls in, his staff would give them a timeline and they would call them back as to when they would be there.
Harper said on Wednesday that no one had gotten back to her, but she acknowledged the person she spoke with on Monday said he was coming out right after she called in. “I am a security guard, so I watch the neighbourhood,” she said.
Cayford said crews have been out a little earlier than normal this spring with repairs and getting caught up in patching potholes. He said they’ve been using a product called Instant Road Repair which is ‘black stuff and looks like asphalt” to fill potholes.
“It comes in a barrel and goes in the pothole and resists water and sets up pretty good,” he said, noting it’s a temporary fix.
“Anything that’s major we try to get it dug out in the summer then fix it with pavement.”
Cayford urges motorists to use caution when driving over potholes or water filled holes on city roads that could be deep. “We need to encourage people to watch for them and make sure they are slowing down so they don’t hit them and cause damage to their vehicle,” he said.
“Mother Nature’s a strange beast and she does some weird things to us from time to time.”
In other news, city street cleaning is underway, but it could come in fits and starts depending on spring weather conditions.
“It’s weather dependent so as long as we don’t get any rain or snow they’ll be out there on a daily basis,” said Cayford.
He added residential street cleaning schedules will be advertised and posted.

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