800 year-old document still relevant?


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The Magna Carta was a charter forced on Bad King John of England back in 1215 to ensure certain protections of the people against the Crown.
So why is it relevant today?
John Robson and Brigitte Pellerin, a Canadian husband-wife team who are known as documentary filmmakers, authors and journalists, are coming to the Vic Juba this month to explain.
Robson and Pellerin will be in Lloydminster on Feb. 29 with their presentation Magna Carta: Good Then, Good Now — when they’ll discuss how the “Great Charter” is the foundation of our rights, freedoms and self-government.
“What we’re trying to do is we’re trying to deal with issues of the day,” said Garth Rowswell, co-organizer for the event.
“So this is our first crack at bringing intellectual topics to the community.”
The event is presented by the Economic Education Association (EEA) and along with these intellectual presentations, it hopes to have debates at the Vic Juba next year as well, said Rowswell.
The debates would involve current events and other important topics with nationally known speakers representing each side of the issue.
If successful, the plan will have a few debates a year as well as regular presentations like Magna Carta: Good Then, Good Now.
“Some will be debate oriented, answering questions then others will be just a presentation on a current issue,” Rowswell said.
“So this first one is more of a presentation.”
As for future speakers and topics he said the EEC is wide open to suggestions.
Rowswell said the idea of pipelines was being thrown around and the debate could be on the pros and cons, with speakers brought in to argue both sides of the issue.
The format would involve people voting at the beginning of the debate on which side of the subject they’re on and then once more at the end, and if there had been a change to one direction, that side wins the debate.
There have also been talks of getting students in Lloydminster involved with with the events.
“We phoned up all the high schools in the area and I thought it would be a great thing from a social studies perspective,” Rowswell said.
“We do have a student rate for the Vic Juba Theatre and we’re trying to get high school students to come in and listen to people like this.”
The Magna Carta presentation will take place at 7 p.m., Feb. 29 at the Vic Juba Theatre.

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