Grey power could be the key to ALS

By Geoff Lee

January 14, 2016 9:57 AM

Our invisible inter-provincial border seems to trip up a lot of well meaning people from treating Lloydminster as a seamless city for advanced life support paramedics.
The silly fact is almost all the involved parties, including Prairie North Health Region, Alberta Health Services, WPD Ambulance, and the city of Lloydminster want the improved level of service today.
The border acts as one of those fake yellow first down markers on televised football games that not one player or official will ever trip over because they’re not real.
Greg Ottenbreit Saskatchewan Minister for Rural Health suggests one of the jurisdictional bottlenecks is the Alberta College of Paramedics.
With deputy ministers of health from both provinces chairing a bi-provincial committee on Lloydminster health issues, clearing these bottlenecks should be a slam dunk.
The border may seem like an excuse for one province to not fully participate in the welfare of our bi-provincial city, but the border has been here since day one.
Governments have had more than a 100 hundred years to figure it out.
Yes, we are unique as Canada’s only border city, but we just want cost effective, seamless ALS paramedics smaller places, like North Battleford and Vermilion, enjoy.
Thank goodness for the work being done by Lloydminster Concerned Citizens for Seniors Care Society for their lobby work on this issue.
It’s an example of grey power in action and politicians need to pay attention — Baby Boomers still rule at the ballot box.
The seniors care group is also carrying the torch for their version of a re-purposed Dr. Cooke Extended Care Centre and other healthcare issues in the city.
More importantly, they’re helping draw attention to the need to create seamless borderless services.
The bi-provincial committee was set up to do just that for healthcare.
Seniors are just asking for it to do its job and bring ALS to Lloydminster without tripping over that hard-to-see border.

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