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November 24, 2015 10:16 AM

I wish I had one of those “Under Construction” signs to hang in this spot, because that’s exactly what’s going on here.
Over the coming weeks you will see some changes to the Lloydminster Source, some esoteric, content changes and some that are purely aesthetic.
The one thing the changes have in common is a desire to give Source readers the best possible product.
To that end, if you believe there are things we could do better, please let me know.
Our collective egos are not on the line and we love constructive criticism.  You can reach me most times at my desk, at 306-825-5111, or by email at editor@lloydminstersource.ca.
We truly listen to what our readers have to say because, let’s face it, without you there is no us.
Speaking of feedback, I asked you last week if I made a mistake in cutting Vic’s Views column from this paper.
We got letters.
The matter is still under consideration, but below please find some of the thoughts you shared about the column.
Dear editor:
When I did my regular read of Vic’s Views by Vic Hult, I was shocked to learn the weekly column was being cancelled because it was “too personable.” 
I also read the “Midwest Minute” by Vern McClelland, so by the same rationale, I assume that it too will be cancelled. No matter how I tried to evaluate the decision, I could not make it add up. 
I would classify the Lloydminster Source as a community newspaper.  As such, I would expect that perhaps 80 per cent or so would be local news and perhaps 20 per cent dedicated to the national and international scene. 
I read the local papers expecting to find articles on what is happening on the local scene whether it be a project by a local club, recognition of a group or individual or somebody’s life story. 
It makes it doubly interesting if I know the person or the group.
I am neither a farmer or a realtor and that’s why I relish reading what other people in other vocations are doing. 
As a community newspaper, I expect that kind of coverage, nothing more and nothing less.
­—Vic Juba

Dear editor:
I was extremely disappointed to read that you had cut Vic’s column.  I always read Vic’s column even if I don’t have time to read the rest of the paper. 
I am 66 years old and work in the oil patch, however I grew up on a farm.  Vic’s column made me feel like I still had a link to the farm. 
Many times he made me laugh, sometimes he made me angry, but he always made me feel something.  He could write. 
He often gave me something to talk about.  I recall talking to my brother-in-law and mentioned something I had read in Vic’s column. I asked, “you read Vic’s column?” His reply was, “Everybody reads Vic’s column.”
Re: (about Vic’s column being) too personal;  I don’t know Vic but I feel like I do. 
And I would like to meet him.  I know we could have some fine discussions. 
I agree with most of his views and would like to straighten him out on the ones we don’t agree on.
Vic’s column is so much more than just a column.  It’s a connection to a way of life we’ve almost lost.
Please reconsider.
—Barry Davidson

Dear editor:
By all means keep his column.
That is what readers like - the personal view. I find nothing objectionable in what he writes.
The editorial is what needs to be kept on a different level.   
I read other columns in other papers and the personal view is what
touches the readers. So bring back Vic’s column.
­—Naden Hewko (the Ukrainian Baba)
Macklin, Sask.

Dear editor:
(I was) shocked and dismayed at the decision to eject Vic Hult from your pages.  His is the one article I read from beginning to end for the straight-to-the-point, shoot-from-the-hip rural, farming, long-term views and opinion which are sadly lacking in newspapers these days.
After your appeal for the general public to put pen to paper this is exactly what Vic has been doing for the last few years. Please re-consider and restore the view from the Waseca area. 
His was a refreshing change from reading government double-speak or articles which put a false optimism on the current state of the economy.
—Tim Acey
Lloydminster, AB

Dear editor:
I support you “cutting Vic loose”.  I’ve read most of his columns, not because they are interesting or informative, but because he’s like a train wreck that you can’t stop gawking at as you pass by.  He is not well thought of in the agricultural community and laughed at a lot by those in his own community who know him. 
His views are questionable, not respected and I, personally, have wondered how he even got a column to begin with, let alone kept being allowed to write it. 
Kudos to you for having the guts to do what others should have. 
Now if you could replace his column with other good agricultural reporting and information, this reader would be extremely happy.
­—Karen Klime

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