Lakeland Libertarian candidate looks to create change


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August 6, 2015 8:15 AM

Vermilion local Robert McFadzean has taken the position of federal Libertarian candidate for the new riding of Lakeland in Alberta. - Jaime Polmateer

Robert McFadzean, federal Libertarian candidate for the new Alberta riding of Lakeland, would like to dial back government intrusion and give more freedom from taxation and regulation in the private sector. He says bureaucracy is not the best approach and that government should turn resources back to the private sector because it knows best how to use them.

“We have a culture of freedom in this country but the main problem we have with freedom is we’re not totally free,” he said. “It’s not the small guys that go around and steal from people. It’s government that intrudes on businesses and people’s lives. It’s the taxation, which takes a tremendous amount of the resources out of the private sector and regulation, which makes things really difficult and stifles innovation and opportunity in business.”

Scaling back government is what McFadzean sees as a big part of the Libertarian philosophy, though he agrees that it’s not something that could be done quickly. He says taxation and regulation have been increasing dramatically over the last 100 years and has gotten especially out of control during the last 50.

After a century of turning it up, it’s not something that can be turned back overnight, but he thinks the process should begin sooner rather than later before it can’t be done at all. He admits that it would take a majority government to accomplish such feats, but getting a few more Libertarians in Parliament can help to put the right ideas in people’s heads.

“If one of our Libertarians gets elected, they’re going to be sitting there by themselves. They’re not going to accomplish anything in the Parliament itself. What they’re going to do is promote the idea that as a people we need to take in hand the opportunity we still have to start winding back government,” he said. “To take control and start winding this down because if we just keep electing these parties that are quite comfortable to tax and regulate, there’s no stopping.”

See “McFadzean,” Page 12

He says he wants voters to think about where the country is headed and realize freedom may not always be guaranteed. Liberty isn’t maintained unless the people continue to work for it and unless action is taken citizens will keep losing freedoms as time goes on.

“Every time the government enacts more legislation and more regulation our freedom decreases and unless we’re willing to look at that and take some action to turn that around it’s just going to get worse,” said McFadzean.

The Vermilion resident, who’s lived in the Lakeland riding for 30 years, also admits that he’s not a fancy politician but sees this, along with his honesty, as appealing characteristics for voters.

“I’m just a typical, ordinary guy. I’m not your splashy politician that’s going to go out there and woo people because I’m charismatic. As a voter it just has irked me over the years. These people come out as politicians and promise this, that and the other thing and they get into office and things just don’t go the way they promised,” he said.

“I’d like to just vote for an ordinary guy who’ll just go in there and be true to what he’s talking about. So I guess I’m taking that step to put myself forward and be that ordinary guy that’ll just do what he says.”

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