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June 11, 2015 8:15 AM

It’s summer in Lloydminster and while more people are spending time outside, so are residents of a more four-legged variety.

“We’ve had such warm weather and were seeing lots of people use our parks, which is a great thing, and Bud Miller (All Seasons Park) is a common area that people enjoy going to with their pets, so we just encourage them to keep (their pets) on a leash,” parks and recreation general manager Cindy Rekimowich said.

The City of Lloydminster is reminding pet owners, and dog owners in particular, to be aware of the proper rules and etiquette of taking one’s dog for a walk.

“We just want to encourage our residents and our parks users just to be responsible with their pets (and) keep the park a safe place for everybody to be,” Rekimowich said. “We want them to keep their dogs on a leash. If they want to let their dogs run at large we have the off-leash dog park that enables them to do that, we have two locations, and then also just picking up after their dogs’ waste when they’re walking them just to keep our parks clean and safe for all users.”

The city’s current dog bylaw outlines the rule regarding animal waste. The bylaw states: “If a dog deposits feces on land other than within the boundaries of land owned by the owner of such dog, or within the boundaries of land owned by a person who has given express permission for such dog to deposit feces on his land, then the said owner shall immediately remove and dispose of the said feces by securely wrapping them in paper or plastic or placing them in a sealed container and depositing the same in a garbage receptacle.”

The off-leash parks have their own set of rules. Children under eight are not allowed and children ages eight to 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Glass containers, dog food and human food are prohibited, but handlers should bring water for their animals. Dogs must be licensed, healthy, vaccinated, fixed, older than four months, accompanied by a handler over 16 and not aggressive, anti-social or fearful of other dogs. Owners should have voice control over their pets, keep them within sight, clean up after them, fill in holes they dig, carry a leash at all times and remove their dog if it becomes aggressive. Owners are also only allowed a maximum of three dogs off-leash at once.

If dog owners want to play catch with their pets they must do so in one of the off-leash parks.

“I know a lot of residents are using our sports fields for (playing catch) but it’s causing a lot of trouble for our users,” Rekimowich said. “When they’re playing their sports and there’s dog waste in those areas it becomes a very unsanitary situation for those athletes.”

If any residents notice any bylaw infractions, they are welcomed to contact the city bylaw office.

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