Super Bowl, super controversy


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January 29, 2015 9:08 AM

The only for sure heading into Super Bowl XLIX is that the footballs will have the correct air pressure in them. I’m glad all that mess got sorted out before the big game so we can focus on things that matter. Except if New England losses, then I really hope the first reporter after the game asks Tom Brady, “Did you collapse because of too much pressure?”

Never has a Super Bowl been under so much controversy and I expect the big game to have something happen that causes everyone to doubt the champions claim to the throne. First we had the picked up flag in the Dallas Cowboys 24-20 victory over Detroit in the wild card round. Then there was karma when Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant’s catch was ruled incomplete and the Green Bay Packers hung on to a 26-21 victory in the divisional round.

Then the Packers collapsed in the conference game against Seattle, while on the other side, the Patriots 45-7 thumping on Indianapolis was overshadowed by DeflateGate, despite Colts players saying they were so terrible they had no reason being in that game.

I never watch the Pro Bowl – does anyone-, but I’m sure Michael Irvin probably spiked his teams Gatorade or something to defeat Chris Carter’s all-stars 32-28. That just seems like the way things have been going.

So now with Seattle set to defend their championship against New England, one can only wonder what else can go wrong in this year’s rendition of the NFL playoffs. Patriots coach Bill Belichick has already tried spying on teams and deflating footballs, so what is left for him to do? “Hey Bill, are those big fans at the end of your end zone or are they jet engines?” I’m sure he will have no idea what they are, and that is all he will know.

Controversy aside, Super Bowl 49 may also go down in history as the most hated game every played, as it is hard to find anyone who likes Seattle or New England at this point. Between Seattle’s just bad attitudes with media and on the field and New England just being New England, if the game were to end in a tie and the Vince Lombardi Trophy awarded to no one, the masses would actually be pleased.

Betting lines have New England favoured by two points. And there is no tie option. I want a tie option, even to just make a point that I’d be ok with it this year.

Oh yeah, there is also an actual game to be played. Two good defensive teams, with the air attack Patriots and the running Seahawks. Beast mode against the Gronk.

I’ll lean towards New England in this game because, well, Tom Brady. Over and over again he continues to show what an elite quarterback is in the NFL. Yes, Seattle stopped another elite thrower in Aaron Rodgers to get to the big game, but lets not try and kid ourselves into thinking that Seattle pulled out some crazy antics to win the game, and it was more the defence that lost it then Rodgers.

One swat ball on a two-point conversion or a catch on a kick-off and we aren’t even talking Seattle anymore.

Hopefully there is no cheating of any kind in the Super Bowl to tarnish the championship in any way, but I do hope it is actually a thriller this year and not a horrible beat down.

Oh, and Katy Perry. We can’t forget about her. Though we can probably already guess that she will be cheating when she sings. Some how, Belichick probably has his hand in that as well.

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