Edge wants to give solutions, not more of the same


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November 4, 2014 9:39 AM

Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan candidate Randall Edge - Photo Supplied

The once powerful Progressive Conservatives are back, and they are ready to fight the upcoming Nov. 13 byelection.

Randall Edge, a business owner from Regina, will be carrying the flag for the once mighty PC party in the Lloydminster byelection.

Edge said that by putting his name forward in the byelection, the PC party can give the people of Lloydminster a choice.

“The PC party offers a completely new and fresh perspective on the Nov. 13 ballot, and we have always and we always will give that option,” he said. “The party has in many ways served and addressed serious issues that are before the people in the province. And we are willing to work on those issues again.”

Asked why people should look at the PC party again, Edge said that this government is all about lip service, and not actually doing anything.

“When it comes to issues, like affordable housing, (the current government) says that they have a plan, but I really don’t know what the plan is,” he said.

“There’s people forming committees and task forces, but when it comes to tangible work I really don’t understand what has been actually done.”

Edge went on to say, “As a Progressive Conservative, I think there are numerous things that have to be discussed, but the availability of affordable housing has to be talked about.”

Edge said that people can work on the issue of affordable housing and increased rent in the area together.

“Why isn’t anyone talking about the dramatic increase in housing, that more and more people looking for home ownership, where they are facing record level of debt,” Edge said. “Why not help the issue out by introducing mortgage reduction, which provides people with the ability to put proper suites in their home which would alleviate some of the vacancy issues in the Lloydminster area?”

Edge said that what he is proposing is just one potential solution to the housing issue in the province.

“At least it’s a proposal that we can talk about, instead of just talking generally. (This government) says that they have a plan on this issue, but I don’t know what the plan is.”

He added that this government hasn’t been properly addressing the issues that effect the people of the province.

“They have been very successful in a prosperous economic time for our province, and they have been benefactors of that,” said Edge. “But really there are issues that exist that I really don’t know how they are being addressed.”

Edge said that this government has misplaced priorities as well when it comes to budgetary items.

“A few weeks ago I was sitting in (Mosaic Stadium) in Regina, when I realized that the facility was just fine. I started asking people about the problems that the stadium is facing, and I often heard that there was no problem, but the possibility of problems in the future,” he said.

“But under construction is a shiny new stadium in Regina, but roads in the riding of Lloydminster are being converted themselves to gravel.”

Edge said that it doesn’t make sense to him and the PC party, hence why they are contesting the byelection on Nov. 13.

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