Candidates assess the speech from the throne


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October 28, 2014 9:03 AM

Candidates in the Nov. 13 byelection in Lloydminster were asked to assess the speech from the throne. Opposition parties agreed that the speech did little for the people of Lloydminster, while Sask. Party candidate Colleen Young said that the speech outlined a vision of moving the province forward. - Christopher W. Brown Photo

The opposition parties agree that the speech from the throne that was tabled last Wednesday by Premier Brad Wall didn’t offer anything substantial to help the people of Lloydminster.

Liberal Leader Darrin Lamoureux heard more things that were disappointing than encouraging in the speech, he said.
“Wall wants to give tax incentives to new businesses, but he basically killed the film industry in Saskatchewan two, three years ago that the film industry was receiving,” he said.

The Liberal leader said that now that the premier realizes the resource sector is on the decline the cuts a few years ago to the film industry could have helped the province out during this uncertain time.

“Talk of tax incentives and the manufacturing sector are always key to grow the economy, but did I hear anything that was specific for the people of the Lloydminster area? No,” said Lamoureux.

Lamoureux went on to add, “I think that Mr. Wall is concerned about the loss of the oil revenue and what that will do to the budget, and basically the revenue will be down quite a bit and he will be running a bigger deficit than what is being assumed.

“If I was from Lloydminster, I would have looked at this throne speech and would not have seen any gold nugget for the area,” he said.
Wayne Byers, the NDP candidate in the byelection, said that like in the past, this government dropped the ball in addressing any issues that are affecting people of Lloydminster and the residents of the province.

“I thought some of the issues that would have been addressed in the speech from the throne would have been on health care and wait times in the province,” he said.

“Knocking on doors, I’m hearing about wait times still being high, and we are still seeing long wait times.”

Byers said that he certainly didn’t see anything in the throne speech that truly addressed the issues that are impacting the young people of Saskatchewan.

“At a time when Saskatchewan is facing a dramatic fall in oil prices, a poorer than average crop and a shrinking GDP, you would have thought that our government would have looked to new sources of revenue and growth by adding value to Saskatchewan’s resources and products. Saskatchewan should be looking for new corporate partners in achieving these goals,” Rick Swenson, PC leader, said in press release.

“There was no new commitment to forcing the health regions to commit a larger share of their health budgets to fixing the aging and crumbling health infrastructure in the province. There was no commitment from the government through the various Crown Corporations to find new and innovative ways for Saskatchewan citizens to promote alternative forms of energy and not simply rely on expensive fixes for coal fired electrical generation. Saskatchewan’s wind and solar resources should be made more available to every day people to help solve Saskatchewan’s energy needs in a green and cleaner environment.”

Colleen Young, the Saskatchewan Party candidate, said that like in the last seven years, the Saskatchewan Party government has put forward a vision to help move the province forward.

“There has been many initiatives taken with other provinces to create a stronger economy in the province of Saskatchewan,” she said.

“The government has provided a lot of strength in the economy and prosperity for the people of the province of Saskatchewan.”

Young said that when she read through the speech from the throne, numerous areas popped out at her for what she believes helps people in the Lloydminster area.

“I think that the general outline of the (speech) will help people across the board,” she said. “I think that while reading through the (speech) there was a lot to do with lowering taxes for small businesses.”

Young said she believes that by lowering taxes for business owners, the provincial government can help grow the economy.

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