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UPDATE: Oil spill posing no immediate danger

Husky Energy detected an oil spill approximately 30 km east of Lloydminster where the North Saskatchewan River crosses Highway 21. more »

Oil spilling into the North Saskatchewan River

Crews are working to contain an oil leak that spilled an unknown amount of blended heavy oil and diluent into the North Saskatchewan River. Husky Energy shut in and isolated a pipeline on its Saskatchewan… more »

Is it smart to sell privately?

Contrary to what you may believe, I have no problem with people marketing their property privately.
If you have the skill and determination, go hard—bless you! more »

Lloydminster the foundation

If you’re going to build a football team to represent the North east region of Alberta, the foundation of that team will be made from Lloydminster players. more »

Xtreme moving in right direction

When Fort Saskatchewan moved up to the junior B Tier 1 conference in the Rock Mountain Lacrosse League, it left an opening for some team in the junior B Tier 2 North Conference to take their place. more »

Bobcats continue off season moves

The Lloydminster Bobcats continue to add local players to their roster for the upcoming season, as the Bobcats announced Tuesday that Jaxan Kaluski signed with the team. more »

Last game in minor ball

When Trent Kusch, Ty Plandowski and Kaiden Zacharias were asked how long they have played baseball in Lloydminster, they each had to take a few moments to think about their answer and count the number… more »

Pitching key to provincial success

With only one win in their first eight games of the season, the Lloydminster Twins peewee AA team had plenty to figure out over the course of the season, turning things around with an 18-4 record down… more »

Excuse me while I vine a little bit

I have a 10 year old kiwi vine at the front of my house that has strangled my downspout. This vine, known for producing the most delicious sweet, green fruit, about the size of a large grape, is quite… more »

Prairies dogsdarnit!

I HATE gophers! Even as I write these words I can hear my daughter’s sigh as she remonstrates me: “Mom! You can’t hate them—they’re cute!” Well, cute as they may be,… more »

Breaking new land

When the Barr Colonists first arrived in 1903 from England and settled in our area, daunting tasks lay ahead. They wisely chose a very fertile land for agriculture, not realizing vast oil and gas reserves… more »

Making a splash

The water is cool, and community swimming lessons are in full swing at Sandy Beach Regional Park. Each year the lessons are taught during the third week of July, and teaches kids water safety from the… more »

Banff is calling local songwriter

It would mean everything to Sam Lundell to win a $10,000 scholarship to the Banff Centre for the Arts to pursue his craft as an indie rock artist. The 19 year-old singer songwriter from nearby Islay is… more »

Success summers in Lloyd

If Bonnie Cutsforth-Huber had to sing for her dinner, she would get second helpings and dessert with her commanding contralto voice. The Maidstone born and bred international opera star is on a summer… more »

The future of Sask. energy

What does the future of energy look like for Saskatchewan? Sask Power’s Power to Grow demonstrations, of which its’ done 230 across the province in the last two years, including a stop at… more »

Giving kids a break

Having family members with Multiple Sclerosis is never easy and can often lead to children of those affected taking on responsibilities at a young age. That can have them growing up too fast and missing… more »

Flat out in Lloydminster

Cyclists in the Texas 4000 made a pit stop in Lloydminster on Tuesday during their ride from Texas to Alaska, which they’re doing to raise money for cancer research. Maggie Jackson used the opportunity… more »

An all local team at Summer Games

The Northeast zone rugby team is very young, playing with two underaged players at the Alberta Summer Games in Leduc — but they are all from Lloydminster. more »

Lloydminster foundation

If you’re going to build a football team to represent the North East region of Alberta, the foundation of that team will be made from Lloydminster players. more »

Career planning for students

Dear Working Wise: I just graduated from high school, but I still don’t know what I want to do for a career. I didn’t apply for university because I didn’t want to waste my time or money,… more »

High octane vs. regular—what's better?

I’m feeling uncomfortably gassy this week, and with that I’d like to welcome you to combustion school for some explosive details on whether there’s any benefit to using premium grade… more »

Does the Internet make you spend more?

The Internet has become a part of everyday life—it has streamlined the sending and receiving of information and enabled people to conduct most of their business without ever leaving their home or… more »

Dissention in the ranks calls for group hug

Dear editor: It’s come to my attention some of our municipal councillors may need a group hug from perceived confusion during city hall’s last major meeting. Geoff Lee’s June 30 stories,… more »

Holy! 100 years

An old church in a local community recently passed an important milestone last month, marking a century of service to its parishioners. According to one devoted follower, the Maidstone United Church,… more »

Looking back to see where we're going

If you don’t know where you’ve been, you don’t know where you’re going. That was the message from Leonard Long, chair of the Barr Colony Heritage Society, when asked why it’s… more »

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